We Love Our Reviewers

Hello! Below is a compilation of our FaceBook reviews that give indication of our love, passion and mission. We cannot wait to receive more so that North Carolina, and the world beyond, can learn about how we are changing men’s lives, one dog at a time.

Looking at DOG DOWN!

Today, we wanted to revisits the multi-award winning documentary, DOG DOWN. This documentary showcases not just the structure and actions of our program, but the emotional connections and human growth for dogs and trainers alike. Watch the teaser below!

Synopsis: Together, through this unlikely journey to freedom, dog and man discover what they could not find alone: healing from their past, purpose in the present, freedom for their future. This remarkable story of an unlikely journey to freedom begins at a point of renewal. Discarded, unadoptable dogs like Lindy are given a chance to survive and even thrive. Inmates like Perry redeem their dignity by training these dogs in basic obedience. In parallel, these men are transformed by the dogs’ unconditional love, which in turn “trains” the men to respect themselves and others. These dogs become the good dogs they always had inside themselves. These men become the real men they were meant to be. Perry says “This program has really opened me up. It’s opened my eyes. It’s brought me to a new level of responsibility.” Men, once hardened to the world, begin to soften inside as they realize they have done a good thing and can have a positive impact. Dog Down. Dogs learn basic commands such as “Down!”—that can save their lives. Man Up. The men begin to take responsibility, gain confidence and learn to get along with others—qualities that transform their lives. Win-Win. Everyone benefits. Dogs are placed in loving homes and their human families gain a well-trained companion; these men are better prepared to care about those around them and gain confidence for when they are to be released; society as a whole is improved. Dog Down. Man Up. Win- Win.

Producer/Director John Le Blanc

Producer/Editor Steve Childs

Producer Kathleen Long

Producer Ann Holton Guill

Restarting PAWA!


We’re working hard to get things in place to restart this program!

PAWA (Piedmont Animal Welfare Alliance) is the new animal welfare partner, and needs a lot of financial support. The New Leash on Life program changes men’s lives, one dog at a time; AND changes dogs’ lives in a profound way.

We are fortunate enough to have had the Forsyth Humane Society board of directors vote to donate $3,000 in seed money to our loving dogs, caring men, and blessed adopters.

PAWA is a 501(c)(3), so any support is tax deductible. Please consider lending us a hand (or a paw) in 2017. PAWA, PO Box 26661, Winston-Salem, NC 27114.

Giving Tuesday


Well, heck, we’re a little late catching on to this… It’s Giving Tuesday.

Better late than never… If you send a check to the Piedmont Animal Welfare Alliance, and date it today, we’ll add $10 to your donation.

We need the help, and it’s tax deductible!!! Send your Giving Tuesday check to Piedmont Animal Welfare Alliance (EVERY penny goes to the New Leash on Life), PO Box 26661, Winston-Salem, NC 27114.

Thank you!!!!!